Dr. Darrian Dawson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

About the CEO

Thank you for visiting Darrian Dawson & Associates, LLC (DDA). I am Dr. Darrian Dawson. I am licensed clinical social worker. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana University, master’s degree in social work from Southern University at New Orleans, and a doctor of social work degree from Tulane University.

After my first semester at Tulane, I decided to do what I always wanted to do for years which was to start an organization and serve the communities in which I know and love. DDA’s focus is to provide wraparound service to strengthen families, consultation service for individuals and groups, and tutoring service for social workers. Please select the service you need and we will get back to you.

Listed on Clinicians of Color and Psychology Today.

Community Service

I have been a part of several mental health panels. I have facilitated a school supplies give-a-way, gave 400 coats to homeless families, and organized a community clean up day.